Application of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)

Roles and Functions of ACCCIM in Issuing Supporting Letter for ABTC

1. To screen through to ensure that application made are genuine via verification of:
        (i) applicant's organisation is a member of associations/chambers;
        (ii) applicant's position is significantly senior (as per eligible applicants – Annex IA );
        (iii) applicant's supporting documents are valid and verified (as per checklist in Annex IB).
2. Applicant need to prepare the following letters:-
        (i)     Letter to ACCCIM (Sample letter - Malay version / English version)
        (ii)    Letter to Immigration Malaysia (sample letter)
3. Applicant to submit the letters together with supporting documents to respective constituent chambers.  Then the constituent chamber to submit it  to ACCCIM.  (Sample letter of Constituent Chamber to ACCCIM
4.    Please refer to the following chrat (Annex II) for Process Flow
5. ACCCIM will then submit the applications to the ABTC Unit of Immigration Department.  (as per checklist in Annex IC)
6. The agreed fee of RM35.00 per application will be collected by ACCCIM to carry out the following processes:
       (a) Issue of Supporting Letter; 
     (b) Gather the application documents and submit to Immigration Department at Putrajaya, get the reference number issued by immigration and e-mail to constituent chambers/applicants;
     (c) Send respective reminders to constituent chambers/applicants to check ABTC status after 3 months from date of submission to immigration;
7. The ABTC application process by Immigration Malaysia is as per Annex III.
8. For more information on ABTC, please check the Immigration Department's website.