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Media Conference on ACCCIM 2013 SME Survey Report

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Good morning to all and welcome to the media conference this morning.
ACCCIM has conducted SME Survey since 2007, and this is the 6th survey.  The content of previous surveys focused on various issues faced by SMEs, including financing, taxation, usage of ICT, human resource etc.  Related government ministries and agencies have taken heed of the reports of the survey.  Through these surveys, ACCCIM has conveyed to various government agencies and departments the issues facing Malaysian SMEs and their feedbacks.  At the meantime, it also hopes to create awareness of SMEs on government policies and regulations.
Under the existing SME Definition, SMEs accounts for 98.4% of total business establishments in Malaysia.  The percentage will be further increased when the new definition of SME come into effect from 1st January 2014.  Given the key role of human resource towards the national economic transformation, this survey therefore focuses on relevant issues, e.g. Minimum Wages, Extension of Retirement Age, Staff Training and Human Resource Development Fund.

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ACCCIM 2013 SME Survey Report

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A. General

1. The Minimum Wages originally scheduled to come into effect from 1st January 2013.  However Minister of Human Resources subsequently announced to defer the implementation on foreign workers for SMEs due to objection from the business community.  This survey also emphasises on the impact and any action taken by our SMEs who have duly implemented and complied with Minimum Wages.  

2. The Survey highlighted the awareness of the SMEs on Minimum Retirement Age Act which took effect from 1st July 2013 with its possible impact on human resource management.


3. In view of the importance of human resource towards development of enterprises and national economic transformation, this survey also gathers information on other human resource issues such as staff training and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).


4. The Survey was conducted during the period of 21st June 2013 to 30th July 2013.  Estimated 2,000 questionnaires have been disseminated with 772 returns received.  Response rate is 38.6%.  The survey was conducted mainly through ACCCIM’s 17 constituent chambers and participated by selected trade associations.  Hence the respondents comprise of different industrial sectors from different regions of the country.


5. More than half of the respondents (53%) stated that the number of their full time employees is between 5 to 50 persons.  The said entities shall be classified as "Small Enterprises" in accordance with the new definition of SMEs which will be effective 1st January 2014.


6. Survey findings show the correlation amongst SMEs' numbers of full time employees, its years of operation and annual turnover; SME's annual turnover has shown a direct correlation with its numbers of employees! That is higher turnover with its higher numbers of employees. This may conclude that SMEs are still in the era of labour intensive and lacking behind on the adoption of ICT.  


 The above labour intensive practice is easily identified in two sectors, namely Manufacturing and Hotel operation. Therefore hiring and its human resource management could be an uphill task for these two sectors.

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