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ACCCIM’s Press Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a multilateral free trade agreement that is currently participated by 12 countries with a combined market of 793 million people and GDP of USD27.5 trillion. TPPA would eventually be the largest free trade bloc in the world, and participating countries include some of the world’s most robust economies and represents more than 40% of global trade. Malaysia joined the TPPA negotiation in 2010 and it is now scheduled to be completed by October 2013. 
The idea of free trade is important to a trading nation like Malaysia. ACCCIM recognizes the possible main benefits of a comprehensive free trade agreement for the Asia Pacific region for Malaysian companies when they seek to expand market access opportunities and for Malaysia to attract foreign investments. ACCCIM is of the views that that the Government need to ensure that the costs to Malaysia will not outweigh the benefits. 
Some main concerns:
(a) TPPA is highly confidential and there is no cost and benefit analysis made available.
(b) It is reported that 14 chapters have been concluded but there is no available information from MITI on what have been discussed and agreed in the negotiations.

(c) A restrictive approach of Rules of Origin may exclude products manufactured from non TPP country, particularly China...........

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ACCCIM 2013 SMEs Survey

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The ACCCIM is conducting 2013 SMEs Survey, to collect statistics and issues of Malaysian SMEs.  The result of the survey will submit to relevant ministries and government agencies.


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Press Statement on Haze Problem

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The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) has written a letter respectively to H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Malaysia and Y.B. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia, requesting both the Malaysian and Indonesian Government to take immediate and concrete action to resolve the haze problem once and for all.
The haze problem caused by slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia has been happening every year since 1997.  The situation has become worsen this year as the Air Pollutant Index (API) in many states has entered the hazardous and very unhealthy scales. Incalculable damage is being done in terms of the impact on economic particularly tourism revenue and productivity, environment, health and other knock-on effects.  Although ASEAN member countries have signed the ASEAN Agreement on Trans-Boundary Haze Pollution in year 2002, as at today, Indonesia has yet to ratifying the agreement and the haze problem has persisted and has become an annual problem.  

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